System Info Snapshot

Collect the computer and system info at a given time in order to track issues or problems.
You can share the generated report with your friend or someone of your trust to help you detect your computer problem at a given moment.

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System Info



PnP Devices




Installed Programs

Special Files

GUI Screenshot



  1. Run program (.exe) as Administrator.
  2. Wait util report gets generated.
  3. Open or send the report to someone who can read it and analyse or problem.


Note: Program can be executed with '-s', '/s' or '--silent' argument to skip GUI.
Report will be generated and the html file will show on explorer after completion.
Example: "SystemInfoSnapshot.exe -s"

See all the available arguments below.


Common Syntax: [-|--|/][switch_name][=|:| ][value]


Null mode

Silent mode

Open report on completion

Define the file path destination

Max tasks to use on reports generation

Listen server


  1. "SystemInfoSnapshot.exe --null -o" - Generate and open the report in the default browser without showing the GUI.
  2. "SystemInfoSnapshot.exe -s -o" - Generate, show and open the report in the explorer and the default browser without showing the GUI.
  3. "SystemInfoSnapshot.exe --null -o -f D:\snapshots" - Generate and open the report in default browser without showing the GUI. File will be saved on folder D:\snapshots if exists, otherwise a snapshots.html will be created.
  4. "SystemInfoSnapshot.exe --null --max-tasks 1 --listen-server *:8080 20" - Listen a server on any IP address on the port 8080 and update the report every 20 seconds. Also set to 1 task in order to save the CPU and keep at minimum usage when generating a new report on background. No GUI.


  • Windows Vista or above (Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Already pre-installed on Windows 8 and 8.1)

  • Any capable Linux or MacOSX with mono installed
  • The mono-complete package

Small and lightweight application with just one executable file.
No installation needed, this software is portable and free!



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